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Intel Confirmed Next-Gen Desktop CPUs

Intel has recently announced four of its next-gen client & desktop CPU platforms codenamed Raptor Lake, Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake. The future generation chipsets will adopt the same hybrid design concept on the 12th Gen Alder Lake processors.

The 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup will use the 'Intel 7' process node used in the Alder Lake CPUs with better performance hybrid architecture through increased core/thread count. Featuring up to 24 cores and 32 threads, the CPUs may be using the latest Raptor Cove and enhanced Gracemont core architecture.

While there will still have 8 P-Cores, E-Cores have been increased up to 16. Intel has also confirmed that the Raptor Lake CPUs will be compatible with the Alder Lake systems. In a demo, Intel showcased how the E-Cores can offload the work in Blender and leave the 16 P-Core threads available for other tasks.

The 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs will be based on the 'Intel 4' process node, offering a 20% improvement in performance per watt through EUV technology. Intel says that the Meteor Lake chipsets will feature a brand new tiled architecture with 3 main tiles, including the IO Tile, the SOC Tile, and the Compute Tile.

The lineup will be utilizing a tiled Arc graphics powered GPU and the Battlemage DG3 graphics architecture for increased performance at the same level of power efficiency as existing integrated GPUs. This will allow for enhanced support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and XeSS.

Following the Meteor Lake, the 15th Gen Arrow Lake chipsets will feature new Lion Cove and Skymont cores, and are expected to have 8 P-Cores and 32 E-Cores. They will be built based on an Intel 20A node, which is capable of delivering 15% better performance per watt, utilizing next-gen RibbonFET & PowerVia tech.

Finally, the 16th Gen Lunar Lake CPUs will use a new 18A process node, which is said to deliver 10% better performance per watt over the 20A node in the Meteor Lake and utilizes enhanced RibbonFETRR designs with linewidth reduction. While the Arrow Lake is composed of 4 tiles, the Lunar Lake will have a 5 tile architecture.


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