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Instagram Introduces New Features to Protect Users from Abuse and Hate

Instagram has introduced a set of new features called "Limits" and "Hidden Words" to protect its users from abuse and hate.

The new "Limits" feature allows users to hide comments and DM requests from non-followers or people who only recently followed them. The feature is rolled out due to the increasing amount of negative comments and DM requests from non-followers towards creators and public figures. "Limits allows you to hear from your long-standing followers, while limiting contact from people who might only be coming to your account to target you," according to Instagram. The feature is available for all users starting today.

In addition, the app will issue "strong warnings" immediately to users who post a potentially offensive comment - rather than waiting for the second or third offense like what the app used to do.

The other new feature "Hidden Words" allows users to automatically filter offensive words, phrases, and emojis into a Hidden Folder. The feature will also be available in DM requests allowing users to filter any messages they think are spam or low-quality. "Hidden Words" will be rolled out globally by the end of this month.


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