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Indonesian Ragnarok X: Next Generation Streamer Received 1 Billion Rp Donation from A Fan

Famous Indonesian gaming streamer and celebrity Reza Oktovian a.k.a Reza Arap received a whopping 1 billion Rp (~RM338,280) when he was live-streaming Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

Less than five minutes into the livestream, a passionate fan named Doni Salmanan had forked out 10 million Rp (~RM2,938). Within 15 minutes of stream, Salmanan had hit 450 million Rp (~RM132,278). The donation, however, didn't stop until the amount reached an incredible 1 billion Rp (~RM338,280), marking the highest amount of donation Reza Arap has ever received.

On top of that, the number of viewers of Reza Arap's stream peaked from 4000 to 40000, which became hot news across the country. Many become curious about the generous fan and are attracted to Reza Arap's gameplay.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is the brand new mobile adaptation of the MMORPG franchise bringing back the legends of Ragnarok Online including the original classes, charming monsters, as well as familiar cities and locations set in the world of Midgard. The mobile game was launched in June in 9 countries within the SEA region.


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