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Indie Developer Makes His Games Free After Passing Away

An indie developer has posthumously made his games free after passing away from cancer.

Rob Hale, also known as Squid in a Box, was the developer of Waves, a 2011 twin-stick shooter game on Steam. In 2015, Hale began developing a sequel, Waves 2: Notorious and launched it as an early access game.

Sadly, Hale would not live to see his game finished. His partner, CJ, revealed in an announcement on the Steam forums of Waves 2 that he had passed away earlier this month from his disease. As per his final wishes, CJ made the two games free to download on Steam.

CJ stated that making the games free was something Rob had considered as their health worsened.

“I hope this can be seen as a parting gift to all those out there that haven’t yet played either of these games.”


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