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ILLEGEAR's External Liquid Cooling Module for Laptops, ILLEGEAR Flow, in Stores Now

ILLEGEAR announced a new external laptop cooling system, the ILLEGEAR Flow. This device is currently compatible with 12th Generation IILEGEAR ONYX G & SELENITE X models, more compatible models will be available soon. It is however not compatible with laptops made from other manufacturers.

If you have a compatible laptop, the ILLEGEAR Flow is meant to be plug and play and usable right out of the box without any technical knowledge required. Consumers will have to fill the device with distilled water and connect the hoses for the inlet and outlet with a quick-release connector for easy disconnection. The device will be powered by the laptop power supply and with Bluetooth connectivity, it is able to adjust the temperature without taking up precious USB ports.

Consumers can expect up to 15°C to 20°C drop in CPU and GPU temperatures and with liquid cooling, the laptop fans only operate at 50% of their maximum speed meaning during demanding gameplay sessions or heavy content rendering loads, the laptop will run much more silently and push itself harder for better performance.

The ILLEGEAR Flow is in retail stores now, priced at RM599.


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