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Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear to Arrive in Malaysia 30 Oct, Priced at RM1,799

The Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II is arriving in Malaysia tomorrow with a price tag of RM1,799. The smart glasses are made from titanium plastic coated with a high-gloss finish, and feature an ultra-thin, large amplitude speaker that is twice the amplitude of its predecessor.

It also supports an all-new reverse sound field technology and adds a leakage hole design on the temples to effectively reduce sound leakage by up to 12dB. In addition, it also features upgraded gesture controls, a 40% increased battery life and new NFC contactless and wireless fast charging technology.

It is available in two forms: sunglasses (Black), or optical spectacles (Graphite Black) which can be fitted with prescription lenses at optical stores.

You may purchase them starting from 10.08am on 30 October from the Huawei Store.

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