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HUAWEI's Trade-Up Program Lets You Enjoy Discounts for the Purchase of its P50 Series

If you've been wanting to buy HUAWEI's latest P50 Pro or P50 Pocket, you can now enjoy discounts with a minimum of RM300 off for the P50 Pro and RM500 off for the P50 Pocket by joining HUAWEI's Trade-Up Program at any HUAWEI Experience Stores.

The HUAWEI P50 is a flagship device featuring a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz as well as a touch sampling rate of 300Hz and a dual stereo speaker. It sports a Dual-Matrix camera system that includes the Main Camera Matrix and SuperZoom Matrix, allowing you to take clear shots with a zoom range of up to 200 times. It is available in two color variants: Cocoa Gold and Golden Black.

Featuring HUAWEI's first Ultra Spectrum Camera Matrix, the P50 Pocket packs a 40MP True-Chroma camera, a 13MP ultrawide angle camera, and a 32MP Ultra Spectrum camera. Its Ultra Spectrum Fluorescence Photography feature allows the camera lens to capture light waves and details that are visible to the naked eye.

By joining the Trade-Up Program, you can enjoy up to RM300 off from the P50 Pro priced at RM4,199. On the other hand, you can get up to RM500 off from the P50 Pocket, which starts from RM5,999.


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