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HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023 - A Ride for HUAWEI Fans across the world

A fantastic global adventure awaited HUAWEI fans on December 8-9 as more than 400 fans from across the globe convened at Songshan Lake, China, for the exhilarating three-day HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023. This offline celebration served as a unique opportunity for fans to connect with HUAWEI, fostering a closer bond through immersive experiences at the HUAWEI Health Lab, showcasing the latest products and technologies, reflecting on shared growth, and expressing their voices.

In a gesture of appreciation for the unwavering support and companionship of fans, HUAWEI Community extended invitations to overseas fan representatives, with 10 fans from the Asia-Pacific region, including 6 from Malaysia, 2 from the Philippines, and 2 from Thailand.

Exploring the mysteries of HUAWEI's smart wearable products took center stage at the HUAWEI Health Lab on December 8th. Covering a sprawling area of 4,680 square meters, the lab welcomed the first group of overseas HUAWEI fans to delve into its facilities. From high-altitude simulation chambers to professional sports areas like basketball courts, exercise physiology research zones, and rock-climbing research areas, fans gained insights into the precision of HUAWEI's smartwatches in sports tracking and the significant contributions of professional testing models.

The atmosphere was one of curiosity and excitement, with fans personally experiencing the functionality of professional devices. From testing physical fitness on multifunctional sports research platforms to challenging robots in table tennis and recording golf swing postures, everyone reveled in the craftsmanship of HUAWEI's smart wearable products.

Visiting HUAWEI's Ox Horn Campus in Songshan Lake, fans explored the European-style building complex, rode the distinctive train, and captured memorable moments with their HUAWEI smartphones.

During interviews, fans expressed their joy and excitement, with Bright from Thailand declaring it the best trip of his life, praising HUAWEI 's products and even mentioning his ownership of the newly released car, AITO M5.

The annual award ceremony celebrated the growth journey of HUAWEI fans, with commemorative medals presented on-site as a token of gratitude for their enduring support. These medals symbolize not only the fans' support and love but also HUAWEI Community's appreciation for its users.

At the Summit Gala featuring fans from around the world, Graceye from the Philippines took the stage as a representative of overseas fans, sharing her product usage experience and expressing gratitude to HUAWEI Community. The enthusiastic overseas fan received loud cheers from the audience.

To provide fans with a comprehensive understanding of Huawei's latest products, a Fashion Street session allowed users to engage in fun activities, communicate with global fans, experience products and technologies, and participate in technological interactive games.

Prior to venturing into Fashion Streets, the HUAWEI Community team orchestrated a dedicated session known as the "Secret Room". This exclusive event provided a glimpse into the forthcoming products slated for release at the December 12 press conference in Dubai. The lineup features HUAWEI's inaugural open-earbud series, HUAWEI FreeClip, the more expansive, lighter, and sturdier tablet, HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2-inch, and the HUAWEI MateBook D16, a laptop boasting a generous 16-inch screen yet remarkably lightweight at only 1.68kg.

At the final stop of HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023, fans checked out HUAWEI's Flagship Store in Shenzhen. They got a good look at the new smart luxury electric SUV and learned more about it from the experience consultants who also guided them through test drives.

The HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023 united fans globally, transitioning from online to offline and crafting an amazing tech adventure for them. Fueled by their passion, HUAWEI enthusiasts journeyed thousands of miles to come together, contributing to the creation of this legendary tech story alongside HUAWEI.

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