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HUAWEI Announces Super Device Concept for Smart Office

HUAWEI has announced a new solution that enhances cross-device connectivity and collaboration amongst supporting HUAWEI devices - the Super Device concept. The software-driven feature arrives in line with HUAWEI’s push towards a Seamless AI Life, which the company envisions across five major scenarios, including Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, and Smart Home.

HUAWEI aims to enable a digitally efficient work-life experience by synergizing its two core capabilities: Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration. Basically, Cross-Device Collaboration refers to seamless connection between two devices and HUAWEI has introduced the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature in 2020. With Ecosystem Integration, the HUAWEI Mobile App Engine gives HUAWEI laptops access to the AppGallery’s vast productivity and entertainment apps.

Now available on HUAWEI PCs, the Super Device's easy drag-to-connect interface in the PC’s Control Centre allows speedy access to files and images on your phone. A Pop-Up Pairing feature can prompt swift connection between the HUAWEI PC and HUAWEI’s wireless earbuds, speakers, Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, or printer.

When a HUAWEI smartphone acts as a Super Device, it will be available as an external drive. As a Super Device, the smartphone’s interface will also be displayed on the PC’s screen, and

with Multi-Screen Collaboration, up to three mobile apps can be opened directly on the PC for multi-tasking. The same concept works when devices like the HUAWEI MatePad, HUAWEI MateView, and HUAWEI Vision.

When connected, you'll be able to open three apps simultaneously by sharing the phone's screen on the PC. Transferring files is also easy with simple drag and drop. Additionally, some apps on the AppGallery can even run on Windows using the HuaweiMobile App Engine.

Visit HUAWEI's official website for more information.


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