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How Women Explore Their Passion and Capture Memories with the Galaxy S22 Series

In the world we're living today, women are constantly evolving like the innovation of technology. Today, we're hearing from three inspiring women who are not just passionate about their work but also living their best while preserving their memories with the new Galaxy S22.

First off, we have Dayang who's been in the TV industry since her late teens, building her career from hosting to presenting to reporting. Next, Sachie, a recording artist whose companion is music sees music as more than just a sound but a medium for healing,

empowerment, and inspiration. Lastly, Shivani, an editor, YouTuber, and content creator who seeks to inspire women with her lifestyle and fashion-focused content.

Being in the TV industry would require Dayang to keep herself updated with the latest news. She said, "There’s so much info I need to prepare and take in, but you know what? The multiscreen feature on my S22 actually cuts the amount of time in half." She commented on how she loves to watch live streams while staying updated on social media in one screen.

Apart from their work, the ladies agree that photos and videos are an integral part of their lives for preserving personal memories and self-expression. "For me, it’s definitely the camera quality and features that come with it," Sachie said. "To all the mamas out there, why settle for mediocre selfies with your kids when you can have the most beautiful, sharp, and high-definition photos? I’m obsessed with how gorgeous all my photos look on this phone!" added Dayang, who's also a mother to a 1-year-old boy.

Shivani, who's been venturing deep into the night lately to experiment with low-light makeup content, is surprised by the results from the S22. "It got me pretty ecstatic in trying to play around with the different modes of the camera and wondering how I could make more abstract shots with that. It was a pretty fun night for discovery!"


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