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Horizon Forbidden West Cinematic Trailer Announced

Days before its official launch, developer Guerilla Games has released the cinematic trailer of Horizon Forbidden West.

In the one-minute trailer, Aloy reflects on her past and lessons from Rost since the events of the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn. She's seen showing her free-running and acrobatic abilities as she moves through different terrain. The video also revealed Aloy taming a wild machine.

Earlier this week, Sony revealed the accessibility features in the game, which include a custom difficulty option, a preferred language option, more visible subtitle options, a new notebook feature that records information about characters, machines, and data points found in the world.

Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on 18 February on PS4 and PS5. The PS4 version costs RM249 while the PS5 version is priced at RM299. PS4 players can upgrade the game for free to the PS5 version. Pre-order the game here.


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