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HONOR 200 Pro In-depth Review: The Incredible Studio-Level Portrait Photography on your phone!

The highly anticipated HONOR 200 series has officially launched in Malaysia! This new series will be HONOR’s first mid-range smartphones equipped with flagship AI functions. With its sleek design, the many incredible features that ensure easier accessibility when using it, as well as being able to take high quality portrait photos following their collaboration with Harcourt Studio Paris. 

In this review, we’ll be taking a deeper look at both the HONOR 200 Pro as we discuss the overall design, display, camera, AI features and performance in order to help you decide if this phone is suited for you!


The HONOR 200 Pro comes in two different colours for people to choose from, the Ocean Cyan and the Moonlight White version, which is the one that I received. I personally feel that the colour truly stands out more compared to the other version.


The HONOR 200 series phones have a sleek design and are lightweight with a dimension of 161.5 x 74.6 x 7.7 mm and it has a weight of 187 g. The (insert) back feels very smooth and comfortable to hold, especially with the Quad-curved Floating Display which makes it easier to grip onto it. On the other hand, I also felt that the curvature design makes it a tad bit more tedious to type.

Overall, I was rather impressed with the HONOR 200 Pro’s design, especially so with the intricate patterns designed onto the back of the phone. Though the standout has to be the camera’s unique design which is said to be inspired by a building located in Barcelona, the Casa Mila.


The HONOR 200 Pro features a 6.78-inch AMOLED Quad-curved Floating Display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It also comes with a resolution 2700x1224, pixel density 437PPI. This ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy an immersive viewing experience, especially when it comes to playing your favourite mobile games or even watching YouTube videos, as you’ll be able to watch them with precise detail and vivid colours.

Meanwhile, the screen’s brightness is said to go all the way up to an impressive 4000 nits as its peak brightness, allowing the phone to be able to capture both sharper details as well as more vivid colours compared to other phones. With this, you’ll be able to look at your phone clearly even under brightly lit environments. 

Additionally, with the upgraded Oasis Eye Protection, the HONOR 200 Pro also ensures your eye protection with a 3840 Hz PWM Dimming which is TÜV Rheinland Flicker-free as well as TÜV Rheinland Full Care Display Certification certified which promises a comfortable viewing experience! Also it is worth mentioning that the HONOR 200 Pro also comes with an AI feature which helps provide a more comforting visual experience, such as AI Circadian and AI Natural Tone 2.0.


When it comes to its camera features, the HONOR 200 Pro does not disappoint as it comes with a decent 50 MP Main Camera + 50MP telephoto + 12MP ultra wide angle. The AI ​​of the HONOR 200 Pro deeply analyses the light and shadow information of a large number of classic photos and calculates the light and shadow automatically to ensure that your images are clear and well-detailed. This, while also being able to apply a natural bokeh effect for portrait images. The phone also possesses a 50 MP Portrait Selfie Camera, which will allow you to capture clear pictures of yourself, especially if you’re a massive fan of taking selfies.

The main camera is accompanied by a 1/1.3 ultra-large H9000 sensor combined with the F1.9 aperture lens. It can clearly capture colours in different lighting and shooting scenes, whether it is day or night, indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, the HONOR 200 Pro also features a variety of different shooting modes for many different situations. For example, Night Mode is one of the modes that is featured. With this, you’ll be able to capture splendid pictures even at night.

Normal Mode: Night Mode:

Normal Mode: Night Mode:

Asides from that, with a decent 12MP Ultra-wide lens and Macro Camera, you’ll be able to snap clear and detailed images from both afar and from close-up.

Ultra Wide Shots:

Macro Shots:

The last camera feature that HONOR 200 Pro has would be its Portrait Mode, to the point that the phone was being dubbed as the Portrait Master. As mentioned above, the HONOR 200 Pro was co-engineered with Studio Harcourt in order to provide AI enhancements to the camera in order to capture studio-level quality photos directly from your phone and instead from an actual studio.

When taking portrait shots, the camera will automatically adjust the lights, colours and shadows in order to enhance the picture and produce high-quality images.

Furthermore, even when using Zoom on Portrait Mode, you’ll still be able to capture high-quality images from afar without worrying about any decrease in resolution.

Portrait Zoom (1x): Portrait Zoom (2.5x):

Also, there are three different Portrait Modes that people can use in order to snap pictures with. The Harcourt Vibrant, the Harcourt Colour and the Harcourt Classic.

Harcourt Vibrant:

Harcourt Colour:

Harcourt Classic:

AI Features

The HONOR 200 Pro comes equipped with Android 14 and is layered with AI-powered MagicOS 8.0, which provides numerous benefits in order to enhance your overall experience when using the phone. 

Magic Portal

With the Magic Portal feature, you’ll be able to access your files much quicker, even if you’re on another app. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to extract both text and images and drag it to different apps, opening it up instantly. This feature is extremely handy especially if you’re in a rush and need to cross through different applications in a matter of seconds.

Smart Folder

With the Smart Folder, you’ll be able to easily customise the folder size in order to display more applications on screen. Meaning that you could have an entire folder for just games or social media, and you can easily customise it to have as many of them inside the folder as you want. This will ensure that you will be able to access your applications easier compared to before.

Before: After:

Magic Capsule

The Magic Capsule is a feature which allows applications to run in the background while you’re working on other tasks. For example, if you’re listening to music or recording audio, the Magic Capsule will display the status in real time and you could access it straight away instead of accessing it through the app. 

AI Blur Privacy Info  

With the AI Privacy Info, your private information, such as contact number or email, will be protected, and you also do not have to worry about accidentally sending it out with the help of this AI feature. Hence, you can be rest assured that your privacy and those around you will be protected.

Furthermore, the HONOR 200 Pro has two exclusive AI features that its counterpart, the Standard version does not have.

AI Motion Sensing Capture

The first of the two would be the AI Motion Sensing Capture. With this, you’ll be able to take automatic captures, automatically detecting and capturing pictures, even those that are in motion, and producing wonderful images. Even when something is in motion, whether it’s animals or vehicles, you’ll be able to snap wonderful pictures with this camera feature.

▲ Capturing a picture of a bird landing on the ground

▲ Capturing a picture of someone mid-jump

▲ Capturing a picture of a car driving past at fast speeds

AI Natural Tone 2.0

The AI Natural Tone 2.0 is an incredible feature, especially if you’re a fan of photography as this new and improved feature is able to automatically detect the temperature and ambient changes and even automatically adjusts itself in order to provide a more natural colour display to your image even if there’s a change in lighting.

(Source: HONOR)


The HONOR 200 Pro is powered by the Qualcomm SM8653 Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 and comes with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Furthermore, the smartphone is also paired together with the HONOR C1+RF chip for optimum connectivity and to enhance 5G network performance.

Game Test

Wuthering  Waves

Wuthering Waves is a game that has been known to have problems while playing the game, such as lag or visual and audio issues. Though, after playing the game on the HONOR 200 Pro, I realised that even after setting the game to the highest graphics quality and resolution, the game is still able to run smoothly and without much issues whatsoever. Furthermore, the game also doesn’t drain the battery as much, as after 30 minutes of gaming, I noticed that the battery had only gone down by 11%!

As for the battery life, the phone has a decent battery life of 5200 mAh, and I decided to test out the  phone’s battery life by watching YouTube videos at 1080p for a whole hour, and impressively, only 8% of the battery was drained.

The HONOR 200 Pro comes with both 100W Wired HONOR SuperCharge as well as a 66W Wireless HONOR SuperCharge. With the Wired SuperCharge, your phone can be charged up to 50% in just 15 minutes and 41 minutes to fully charge, while the Wireless SuperCharge can charge up to 65% in 30 minutes!

Overall, even if it isn’t its main function, the HONOR 200 Pro is still efficient when it comes to watching online videos and playing games!


Overall, the HONOR 200 Pro is a phone that should be considered by many. Priced at RM2,699, this mid-range smartphone not only possesses many AI features that improves your mobile experience, but it also puts in a decent performance for your everyday life. Furthermore, for those of you who enjoy taking pictures, then the collaboration with Harcourt Studio Paris should definitely be an enticing feature as you’ll be able to capture high-quality portrait images from your phone in an instant. Thus, I personally believe that this phone is something that you could consider getting for yourself.


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