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Honkai Impact 3rd Version 5.7 Update to Arrive on 19 May

Honkai Impact 3rd's version 5.7 update "Song of Perdition" will be arriving on 19 May, introducing two new characters, the strongest psychic MANTIS - Aponia, and the epitome of the Previous Era culture - Eden. The secret hidden in the recesses of the Elysian Realm will also be revealed along with the update.

Aponia will arrive with an S-rank BIO-type battlesuit, Disciplinary Perdition, dealing Lightning damage with a chakram. When she's on the battlefield, she can inflict multiple rounds of lightning strikes on enemies nearby, and unleash her Inhibitor's Adjudication to make herself airborne, raining down the unstoppable discipline trial from above. Meanwhile, with an IMG-type ranged SP battlesuit, Eden supports her allies while playing music with her harp on the battlefield.

Version 5.7 update will focus on the storyline of Elysia and The Thirteen Flame-Chasers and there will be a new Open World of Elysium Everlasting in the new story chapter. Players will be able to choose between two modes of exploration: Story Mode or Map Exploration Mode.

Finally, when the update arrives, there will be a new themed event called Shattered Dimensions in which players are tasked to defeat the Latent Hunter. Participate in the event to earn rewards, including Bright Knight: Excelsis' outfit Gale Hunter, Golden Diva Fragments, and Crystals. Spend bonuses will also be available in Felistore, where players can draw supply drops and purchase bundles to get Reverist Calico's new outfit Spectral Claws.


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