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Honkai Impact 3rd Version 5.5 "Equinox Gate" Update Will Arrive on 24 February

Honkai Impact 3rd's version 5.5 update "Equinox Gate" will arrive on 24 February, featuring Bianka, the first-ever Valkyrie to come in dual forms, as well as seasonal events. Besides that, the Honkai Carnival - Fandom Celebration 2022 will take place on 26 February.

When the new update arrives, Bianka will transform into Palatinus Equinox - black and white forms representing the two power in her bloodline. The white power comes from the holiness in her maternal Schariac family while the black power comes from the Active Honkai Reaction in her paternal Kaslana family.

The combination of both powers allows Bianka to surpass Active Honkai Reaction and even the origin of Honkai as she can switch between Knight and Guardian forms freely. Besides Bianka, Rita the other guardian of the bubble universe has also acquired her own Astral Harness: Spina Astera.

In the upcoming version 5.5, a Post-Honkai Odyssey will reach its climax as powered-up Mei and Carole of Squad 3 return to the frontline. Meanwhile, Dea Anchora and Silverwing: N-EX will be getting new qipao outfits in with and without glasses versions. Players on the Europe & Americas server are also invited to join Dawei in the anniversary program on 20 February.


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