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Honkai Impact 3rd Version 5.1 Update "Pristine Realm" to Go Live on 16 September

miHoYo's ARPG title, Honkai Impact 3rd will be launching its 5.1 Pristine Realm update on 16 September. In the upcoming update, players can look forward to a new story arc, a rerun of Sanka Saga, permanent LITE feature, and four new battlesuits joining the Elysian Realm.

When the update arrives, Elysia (Miss Pink Elf), the second-in-command of the Flame-Chasers, will be playable. She will be the first DPS to use a bow in the game, appearing as a S-rank battlesuit with the new "Whisper of the Past" bow and "Pristine Elf" stigma set. Elysia's basic ATK and QTE will attach Crystalline Seeds to make enemies more vulnerable in combat.

"Elysia has an Infatuation meter that regenerates over time, which is consumed by Charged Shot: Cupid's Bolt that fires multiple arrows. If Cupid's Bolt hits an enemy to which a Crystalline Seed is attached, the seed will explode and detonate nearby Crystalline Seeds, producing a chain reaction that damages enemies heavily. The kiss she blows when using her Ultimate is graceful yet deadly. It creates a crystalline dome overhead, within which Cupid's Bolt ricochets wildly to damage enemies several times," according to the press release.

Miss Pink Elf's base card and fragments can be purchased with Ancient Legacy and Ancient Willpower in the War Treasury. Alongside Miss Pink Elf, Bright Knight: Excelsis, Luna Kindred, and Striker Fulminata will also be available in the Elysian Realm. The new bow (Whisper of the Past), its PRI-ARM form (Whisper of the Past: Sonnet), and the new stigmata (Elysia T, M, B) will also be released as well.

Additionally, there will be two events coming with the update. Firstly, there's the Chapter XXV-EX Immortal Blades, in which the new saga will be focusing on Schicksal. The other event, Sanka Saga will be back with story to explore and rewards to earn.

The version 5.1 Pristine Realm update will be released on iOS, Android, and PC on 16 September.


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