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Hisense Malaysia Launches New BubbleClean Series Top Loading Washing Machine

Hisense Malaysia has launched the new BubbleClean Series top loading washing machine coming with two capacities: the 13 kg WTJA1301T model and the 10.5 kg WTJA1101T model.

The washing machines feature a lid made of transparent soft-close tempered glass that allows users to handle safely and quietly. Inside, it has a detergent box with a maze-like structure that facilitates dissolving and activation of the detergent. It has a Double Water Flow feature along with an optimised turbo and advanced scrap filters for strong water streams to remove stubborn stains. There are also the Double Magic Filters that will filter debris to prevent them from sticking on clothes.

Moving on to its drying features, the BubbleClean Series uses an air-dry process to generate wind through a high-speed spin operation. Its extra soft function will provide a better fabric softening effect.

For cleaning, the machine has a Tub Clean function that cleans it thoroughly. Additionally, the Smart Fuzzy Control features 10 programs that will help users to detect and measure the laundry automatically to optimise the washing condition. The washing machine is also able to self-monitor its balance to prevent unwanted noise through its Auto Balance feature.

The WTJA1301T model is priced at RM1,799 while the WTJA1101T model is priced at RM1,599. Both washing machines will come with 2 years of general warranty, 3 years of control panel warranty, and 6 years of motor warranty.

Visit this link to purchase Hisense Malaysia's new BubbleClean Series washing machines.


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