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Here's What the Twitter Edit Button Will Look Like

For weeks, we've been getting our anticipation up when Twitter finally confirms the addition of an Edit button (like after years). The company promises that it will be available to Twitter Blue users in the coming months. Twitter has yet to reveal further details about the feature, but a new leak gives us an insight into what it will look like.

According to user @alex193a, you can edit your tweet via the 'Edit Tweet' button from the three-dot menu.

Developer Nima Owji also shared a GIF that reveals the process of editing a tweet. While we're finally getting an edit button, it's still unsure if Twitter will let you edit part of the tweet or the entire thing and how the platform will manage retweets or quote retweets of edited tweets. As Twitter is only planning to roll out the feature for Twitter Blue, we're not sure if there will be plans for everybody else.


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