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Here's How You Can Opt In to Facebook's New Desktop Layout

Earlier today, Facebook announced their new layout which is supposedly simpler and cuts down on pesky loading times.

If you were chosen as one of the beta testing guinea pigs over the last few weeks, you might have already seen it:

To opt in, simply go to the dropdown list on the top right, and select 'Switch to New Facebook'. The feature will be rolled out increasingly across the next few months, so don't fret if the option is not available to you yet - it's only a matter of time before we'll all have adapt to a whole new layout.

On another note, Dark Mode has also arrived to bring relief to our tired eyes - you can toggle it on or off under the same dropdown list.

Are you happy with the new layout? Or are you a creature of habit that doesn't like changes? Either way, the presence of dark mode as an option will be a welcome feature for many.


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