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Hate Unsolicited D*ck Pics? Well, Now You Can Stop Sending in One of Your Own

Let's be straight here - unsolicited dick pics is like the internet equivalent of flashing someone at the MRT station. It's an assault on the eyeballs and leaves a feeling of disgust that you can't quite shake off.

That's why we were super glad when developer Kelsey Bressler came up with a social media plugin - called Safe DM - which detects and subsequently deletes unwanted penises from polluting your inbox.

Currently, the plugin's anti-eggplant filter works 99% of the time, and that's where users like YOU come in - whether you hate receiving dick pics or love sending them, you can contribute to Safe DM's effort by honing their artificial intelligence to better detect these undesirable dongs.

The call was put out last September and encourages users to send in '18+, consensual, human dicks only' to Twitter handle @showyodiq.

Safe DM currently works on Twitter only, but there have been talks of expanding the plugin to other major social media platforms.

What do you think of Safe DM? Will you contribute to its efforts to rid the world of surprise pisang emas? Do try it out and let us know. *wink* #safedm #dickpics #twitter


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