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GTA Online has a Gun Van which sells Railgun and various weapons sold at discounted rates

Now you can access high-grade weaponry in Los Santos

Recently, Rockstar Games has shared news about Railgun in GTA Online on its official newswire. The Railgun can be purchased on the Gun Van where it spawns randomly around the map, carrying tons of arsenal you can buy at a discounted rate. You can watch the introduction video below:

The GTA Online Gun Van is located at Palmer-Taylor Power Station in Los Santos as the Gun Van icon will appear if you get close enough to that location. At the time being, the Gun Van should be appearing on the map shown below:

After you have located the Gun Van, approach it at the back doors and it will open for business. There are categories to choose from weapons, throwables, and body armor. Not to forget, the Railgun currently cost GTA$657 000 from the Gun Van, make sure to grab this exclusive weapon before the Gun Van's inventory rotates next week.

(image source: Twitter - TezFunz2)

Aside from the Railgun, here is a list of weapons available in GTA Online for the day:

  • Baseball Bat

  • Knife

  • Assault Rifle

  • SMG

  • Assault Shotgun

  • Combat Shotgun

  • Compact EMP Launcher

  • Heavy Sniper

  • Railgun

  • Proximity Mine

  • Molotov

  • RPG

  • Grenade

  • Body Armor

Lastly, Rockstar Games also starts of its new First Dose Hard Mode event that runs through February 8 as double GTA$ and RP rewards for the community series. Completing these same missions on the Hard difficult settings is dishing out rare and hard-earned goods for your collection.


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