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Google Announces “Google Drive for Desktop” App

Google has announced the new “Google Drive for desktop” app on Mac and Windows.

The Backup and Sync app that was rolled out in 2018 as well as the Drive File Stream for business users will be replaced by Google Drive for desktop. According to Google, the new app will combine the best and most used features of Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream.

Users will be able to upload and sync photos and videos across Google Photos as well as Drive. The new app will provide better support for the Photo Library on Macbooks, including media that are synced with iCloud. It will also sync edited photos better and support backup for external storage devices.

Existing Backup and Sync users will be prompted to transition to Drive for desktop in the “coming weeks.” Users have to upgrade by September 2021 as Backup and Sync will stop working and files will stop uploading to Google’s cloud storage from October 2021.

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