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Google accidentally transfers $249,000 to a blogger

He still had the money about three weeks after first contacting Google.

Sam Curry, a blogger and security engineer tweeted that the tech giant had accidentally transfered him $249,999 which is RM1,137,245 into his account for no reason. Curry said that its been about 3 weeks since Google randomly made this transaction to his account and was created a support ticket when he contacted Google.

He did not spend the money and kept it for returning to Google knewing that they will be asking it back. As a security engineer who gets paid for looking for bugs in companies software, he told NPR news that he usually carries out "bug bounty hunting" work for big organizations including Google. However, he believes that the quarter million dollar transfer got nothing to do with bug bounty for Google.

That assumption was correct, as Google later told NPR in a statement that the transfer had been made accidentally. A Google spokesperson claimed that due to human error, the company's team paid the incorrect party.


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