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Good things happen in threes: Unveiling the third generation of OPPO Foldables - Find N3 Flip.

It's often said that the charm of life lies in threes. In the realm of art and design, the cornerstone trio - red, blue, and yellow - serves as the palette's backbone, birthing an extensive spectrum of hues. Together, they lay the groundwork for the captivating world of color theory. When it comes to photography, design, and aesthetics, the rule of thirds emerges as a guiding principle, weaving a tapestry of dynamic compositions that captivate the beholder. Throughout history, the number ‘three’ emerges as a symbol of balance, harmony and completeness.

The third generation OPPO Foldable, as teased in the upcoming Find N3 Flip, is representative of this rule. With its innovative foldable soon to be introduced to the Malaysian market, OPPO aims to continue its mission to push boundaries and define the foldable experience.

The impending Find N3 Flip isn't just a device; it's a quest for the epitome of photographic brilliance in a foldable smartphone. Sporting not one, not two, but three remarkable cameras, each wielding the power to craft professional-grade photographic symphonies, the Find N3 Flip promises an unparalleled experience. It proudly takes the stage as the inaugural flip phone boasting a telephoto camera, a triumvirate of leading-edge cameras, and expansive camera sensors—a trinity of photographic excellence.

Picture yourself in the heart of the city at twilight. Find N3 Flip’s primary

camera comes to life, capturing the cityscape with breathtaking clarity and

depth. Even in low-light conditions, this camera ensures your night shots are

nothing short of magical, preserving intricate details and minimizing unwanted

noise. Say goodbye to grainy, dull night photos – this camera makes every

moment shine.

OPPO’s vertical cover screen experience offers a more natural and intuitive interaction, showcasing an abundance of information. When compared to other products, the Find N3 Flip takes the lead in providing comprehensive previews of text messages, emails and even social media posts, allowing you to delve deeper into your conversations. This underscores OPPO’s unwavering commitment to setting the gold standard for intuitive experiences and firmly establishing its leadership in this dynamic market.

Here is where the fun really begins – interactive pets. Eight adorable 3D pets, including a Koala, Panda, Tiger, and more, are now your delightful companions within your smartphone. A simple tap on the cover screen, and you will be treated to playful animations guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Stay tuned to find out more about OPPO’s next-gen foldable at the upcoming global launch. Be among the first to witness the unveiling of OPPO’s next gen foldables by registering your interest below.

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