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'Give Us Worms, But Make it Battle Royale' - Worms Rumble Beta Announced

Nothing is better than a trip down memory lane, or in this case, blasting other invertebrates with a Holy Hand Grenade.

Team 17, the development team behind the nostalgic indie game series Worms, as well as the Overcooked series, announced that Worms Rumble will be open for beta testing between 15 July and 20 July! Rather than the traditional turn-based explosion-fest we are used to, it will be played in a battle royale setting.

Slated to feature 32 players in a single map, Worms Rumble will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, and will also enable cross-play between the platforms. Players will be able to fire their bazookas, as well as the Armageddon missile against each other in real time.

With Last Worm Standing (solo) and squad Battle Royale mode available upon launch, Worms Rumble will resonate with fans who have played the multiple titles Worms has brought to us over the past 25 years; it will also have seasonal events, daily and community challenges to add a new twist to the nostalgia.

Each worm is also customisable via in-game currency, which allows players to have their own unique worm! The open beta will start from 15 July, 7pm Singapore time, and end on 20 July, 3pm Singapore time. You can sign up for the beta here, and check out more information on their Steam page, where you will be able to download the game as well. See you on the battlefield!


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