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Get to Know HONOR: Capabilities and Potential

As a new independent brand, fans might question HONOR's capabilities of handling the increasing demands of various users with different behavioral aspects and its potential in moving forward in the industry.

HONOR is one of the few companies that designed its own chips with more than 50% of its employees are R&D professionals. Valuing product innovation, HONOR plans to further invest in R&D capabilities to enhance its own portfolio of smartphones and other smart devices.

The company aspires to achieve the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and superb user experience. It is capable of developing pivotal technologies such as GPU Turbo, Link

Turbo, multi-camera photography, and navigation. It has also developed its own image signal processor for the cameras of its products.

For every product series, HONOR goes through three stages: on the market, upcoming, and under initial development to ensure the quality of its products. The company will run over 400 product tests and over 20 global certification standards before launching of each product.

Visit HONOR's official website for more details.

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