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Get Stoned to the Highest Level with Weed Farmer Simulator

And you thought I Am Jesus Christ was weird.

Well, developer Polyák Kristóf is here to 1-up the Jesus simulator with Weed Farmer Simulator, a game with a self-explanatory name. Whilst in the former you get crucified, in the latter you'll get...well, stoned.

Sounds intriguing? Maybe, maybe not. A quick overview of its Steam store description and trailer shows that it won't be blazin' any new trails in the simulator genre any time soon - you build your farm, plant your weed, upgrade your tools, then sell your weed to earn money and upgrade your farm.

I'll be blunt - unless there are more revolutionary features to be revealed before its release in February, Weed Farmer Simulator seems to be yet another farming game trying to ride on the high of marijuana lovers.

Have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself:

Weed Farmer Simulator will be released on Steam on 29th Feb (and not 20th disappointing). Til then, you just gotta find other ways to get your Mary J fix.


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