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Get Remedy’s Control for Free on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store's free game for the week is surprisingly a fairly recent heavy-hitter.

Control, made by Alan Wake’s Remedy Entertainment, first released in 2019 and was an Epic exclusive on PC until the Ultimate Edition came to Steam in 2020. A third-person shooter that also imbued players with telekinesis powers, the game is set within a brutalist building called The Oldest House, where the interior is larger than the exterior suggests.

The Oldest House serves the headquarters of an organization called the Federal Bureau of Control that deals with supernatural phenomena. Players take on the role of Jesse Faden, who inadvertently becomes the FBC’s newest Director and has to deal with a supernatural invasion on its headquarter’s premises.

Control scored good reviews and a Best Art Direction nod at The Game Awards 2019. It received two expansions, The Foundation" and "AWE, with the latter marking the return of Alan Wake himself (easter eggs in the base game had previously established that Control and Alan Wake were set in the same universe).

You can head over to the game’s EGS page here.


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