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Genshin Impact's Daily Login Rewards are Here, and They're Underwhelming

miHoYo's hit action-RPG Genshin Impact is finally getting a highly-anticipated feature - daily login rewards. This move is unsurprising as a number of mobile and gacha games use this feature to keep players hooked into a habit of logging in each day.

However, players appear to be less than pleased at miHoYo's implementation of the feature for Genshin Impact, as the rewards seem less attractive than expected.

For those who are lazy to do the math, here's what you'll get after 31 consecutive days of logging in:

  • 26x Adventurer's Experience

  • 5x Hero's Wit

  • 16x Fine Enhancement Ore

  • 3x Fowl

  • 3x Raw Meat

  • 3x Egg

  • 3x Fish

  • 67,000 Mora

  • 60x Primogems

Possibly, the reward that stung the most is the measly total of 60 Primogems, with players lamenting that it wasn't enough for even half a gacha pull (which costs 160 Primogems) after 3 weeks of logging in faithfully. Adding insult to injury are the random foods that can be easily farmed in a single expedition (with twice the yield!)

However, as my mum likes to say, 'free things don't complain,' so I'll still be logging in to get my blessings from miHoYo every day. There's also a one-time 100 Primogem reward for your first login, so I guess that rounds up nicely to 1 complete gacha for your first month :)

You can get your daily handouts here.


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