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Garmin Malaysia Launches Vivofit Jr. 3

Garmin Malaysia has launched the vivofit jr. 3, a fitness tracker aimed at kids.

The vivofit jr. 3 sports a more “modernised adult design” in the form of a larger square watch face, while its colour display offers pop ups of icons and character images. There are also separately-sold character-themed “kid-tough” bands inspired by characters like Black Panther and Snow White.

Among the watch’s touted features are an up-to-one-year battery life with no recharging required, timed activities to track steps and estimated distance during sports and playtime activities, a “swim-friendly” design, and sleep and step tracking. There are also downloadable time screens, an emergency widget which shows contact information, and Toe-to-Toe step challenges.

Aside from that, there are “mobile app adventures” such as Infinity Saga: A Marvel Studios Adventure and Magical Kingdoms: A Disney Princess Adventure, via a collaboration with Disney and Marvel.

Parents with a compatible device can also make use of the Garmin Connect app to view their kids’ activities, assign chores, and allow kids to redeem virtual coins for rewards. Additionally, they can activate Kid Mode in the Garming Jr. app.

The vivofit jr. 3 has a suggested retail price of RM390.


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