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[Games Around the Corner] Week 51, 2021 - Play Winter Sports Games in 4K

This week, we'll be getting a 4K edition of Winter Sports Games so that skiing looks clearer and more fun on screen. After all, what's winter without winter games! Also, we'll be seeing two positively received games released earlier this year making their console debut. The first one is DigiTales Interactive's sci-fi noir adventure while the other is Playbae's puzzle platformer.

Winter Sports Games: 4K Edition

While it's currently the snowing season in many countries, Malaysians aren't experiencing it and hence we won't be able to play winter sports unless we visit specific countries. Yet, it's not a wise choice to travel right now. Try out Joindots GmbH's Winter Sports Games, and better at 4K resolution.

Available for up to 4 players playing together at once, the game features six exciting and tense disciplines, including ski jumping, slalom skiing, downhill skiing, bobsledding, sledding, and curling. Winter Sports Games: 4K Edition will come to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on 21 December.


Lacuna received a ton of positive reviews when it officially launched back in May. It subverts the classic story-driven adventure by removing the "point-and-click" mechanic. Instead, it includes conversational choices that will affect the story, narrative-based puzzles, interactable extras, and various endings. In the game, players will assume control of a CDI agent called Neil Conrad.

First released on PC, Lacuna will be released on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PS4 on 21 December.

In My Shadow

In My Shadow follows a heart-warming story of a woman named Bella recalling her childhood dog. At each level, players must collect page-like memories while making way cross deadly spikes to meet Bella's pet. To make way, players can move foreground objects so that their shadows come together. Joining its PC and Switch version, In My Shadow is making its Xbox debut on 22 December.


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