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[Games Around the Corner] Week 51, 2020 – Mechs, Baby Issues, and Meat Boy

This week, mech-brawler game Override and platformer Super Meat Boy get sequels, while physics-based game Who’s Your Daddy?! gets a remake.

Override 2

Override 2 is a mech brawler game where giant mechs that were used in a war against alien invaders are now being used in for entertainment in global leagues, with the battle areas including features like lava pools and geysers. There will be a Career Mode where you represent your club, along with various multiplayer modes and up to four-player online and local co-op. 20 mechs including returning ones from the first game are promised, and there will also be cosmetic customization. The game will be released on December 22 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC (Steam).

Who’s Your Daddy?! Remake

Originally released in 2015, Who’s Your Daddy?! is getting a remake that’s coming out on December 23. The game is a physics-based 1v1 game where one player takes on the role of a baby, while the other takes on the role of his father. The baby’s objective is to off himself, while the father has to prevent that. According to a two-year old Steam post, the remake will feature “completely new graphics, additional features, improved gameplay mechanics, updated music and original sound effects”. It will co-exist alongside the original version so players have a choice of choosing which to launch, and will feature the original’s character models as optional skins. It will be available on PC (Steam), Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever was first announced as a mobile spin-off to the 2010 platformer Super Meat Boy in 2014. The game was then reworked and revealed to be a sequel in 2017, and that’s what players will be getting this week. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl now have a daughter called Nugget. She gets kidnapped by Dr. Fetus, so the two will have to go rescue her. Some of the differences from the first game include Meat Boy and Bandage Girl being able to punch and kick enemies and the controls using only two buttons. The Steam page promises ‘bigger boss battles” and 7200 “individually handcrafted levels”, with the website explaining that beating a level causes it to reconstruct itself into a harder version, albeit not infinitely. The game will release on Epic Games Store and Switch on December 23, with a Steam release set for 2021. The PS4 and Xbox One will also get the game at a later date.


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