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[Games Around the Corner] Week 47, 2021 - Crow, Cricket, and Island

A popular indie game about a crow fighting with a saber is making its PlayStation and Nintendo Switch debut this week. Also new this week are some titles for sports and island-building fans.

Death's Door

Acid Nerve's Death's Door that was released a few months ago, is coming to PS4, PS5, and Switch on 23 November. The action-adventure game takes players on the roles of a crow who works as a reaper, collecting souls for the Reaping Commission Headquarters. In order to collect three "Giant Souls", players will have to learn more about the story behind the headquarters and its leader, "Lord of Doors". The game won the "Best Game Feel" award at the INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 Awards.

Cricket 22

Straightforward from its name, Cricket 22 is a cricket video game. Following the success of Cricket 19, developer Big Ant Studios claims that Cricket 22 will deliver "the most robust, substantial game of cricket that fans have ever seen". It will feature Australia’s T20 Big Bash tournament alongside the Caribbean Premier League, England’s The Hundred, and The Ashes. Players can expect to see fully-licensed national teams for Australia, England, New Zealand, the West Indies, and Ireland in the game. It will include new bowling and fielding controls, real-time ray tracing elements, and a career mode.

Cricket 22 will be released on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on 25 November.

Len's Island

Len's Island is a "blend of peaceful building, farming and crafting, mixed with intense combat, dungeon battles and deep questing and exploration", according to the game description. While it's all about home-building, the game includes a wide range of combat types and loadout combinations for hardcore dungeon-crawler lovers as they explore the dark caves below the island.


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