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[Games Around the Corner] Week 35, 2020: Avengers Reassemble

This week, the Avengers will reassemble in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. Elsewhere, you’ll find dieselpunk mechs, a wizard battle royale, and more NBA action.

Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest is an RTS based on the evocative artworks of Polish artist Jakub Różalski. It’s set in an alternate post-World War One history, where nations utilize dieselpunk mechs in battles. The story will see shadowy forces trying to spark a new war. Players will be able to experience three campaigns featuring the perspectives of the Polania Republic, Rusviet, and the Saxony Empire respectively. Gameplay is slightly reminiscent of Company of Heroes, but with a variety of mechs instead of tanks. The game will release on Steam on 1 September.


Spellbreak is a Battle Royale, but unlike many of its peers, you won’t find any guns in here. Instead, players are spell-casters who can dash around and make use of a variety of powers. It’ll be free-to-play too. The game is releasing on Epic Games Store, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on 3 September.

Tell Me Why: Chapter 2

Tell Me Why is a “narrative adventure” game from Life is Strange’s Dontnod Entertainment. The story follows Tyler and Alyson Ronan, two twins with a supernatural bond who reunite after a decade apart. “Set in beautiful small-town Alaska, Tell Me Why features true-to-life characters, mature themes and gripping choices,” reads the Steam description. Although it is sold as a single game, it is broken into chapters that release at different dates. Chapter 1 was released on 27 August, and 3 September will see the release of Chapter 2 on Xbox One and PC.

Marvel’s Avengers

In Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal’s video game take on the Avengers, the team are disbanded after a celebratory occasion is tarnished by a devastating enemy attack. Years later, young Kamala Khan finds herself reassembling the Avengers to face off against the organization called AIM. Players can assume the role of well-known characters like Iron Man, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk to take on AIM, either alone or with friends. The story will “unfold over multiple years”, with free new heroes (Spider-Man is sadly a PlayStation exclusive) and regions added to the game as players unlock new skills and gear throughout the game. Marvel’s Avengers is coming out on 5 September on PS5, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Steam. It will release on PS5 and Xbox One Series X in the future.

NBA 2K21

The latest NBA 2K game. The Steam page promises “extensive improvements upon its best-in-class graphics and gameplay, competitive and community online features, and deep, varied game modes”. The game will be out on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Stadia, and mobile devices on 5 September. There will also be Xbox One Series X and PS5 releases in the future.


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