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[Games Around the Corner] Week 33, 2020: Flight Simulator, Mortal Shell and More

This week sees the launch of a bunch of PC exclusives and multi-platform releases. The one constant? The PC gets all of them.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Travel around the world from the comfort of your home with the next-generation iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The ambition and scope is rather mind-boggling, as PC Gamer’s preview noted that thanks to the game turning satellite scans of Earth into its in-game world, you can pretty much fly anywhere. The Steam page promises a customisable system that lets players tailor the experience to their desired level of simulation, as well as optional real-time weather and over a thousand control surfaces for each of the game’s 20 planes. The game will land on 18 August.

Mortal Shell

In need of more Souls-likes? Well, Mortal Shell is right around the corner. The “Mortal Shell” in the title comes from the game’s core gameplay feature, which sees players delving into the remains of defeated warriors, each with different characteristics, to take on a host of fearsome enemies. You can also turn your Mortal Shell into stone for defensive purposes or to lend weight to your own attacks. The Steam release will only be out next year, but the Epic Game Store, PS4, and Xbox One will get it on 19 August.


A reboot of a 90s series, Battletoads will allow up to 3 players to tackle a multi-genre, cartoon-like experience. Engage in side-scrolling sections, survive bullet hell battles, and platform your way to victory. Dive into the fray this 20 August on PC and Xbox.

Frostpunk: On The Edge

The third and final DLC for Frostpunk introduces new challenges to the post-apocalyptic survival-strategy game. In this DLC, you’re the leader of a new Outpost. Life is difficult, especially with New London and your supervisor being a pain. When you discover an alternate food source, you start to consider being free of New London's control, with other Settlements out there for you to cooperate and form a “strong, independent union” with. Frostpunk: On the Edge will arive on PC this 20 August.


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