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[Games Around the Corner] Week 28, 2021 - Dreams, Science, and Horror

This week, we’re seeing the exploration of a dream world where the Nomad Cities and its population are built. In addition, there are first-person games taking place on a foreign planet and haunted buildings.

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of strange science and dreams. Players must build and defend a flying city in order to survive the nightmarish world. To keep the city alive, players must search for food and resources while fighting off raids from nightmarish creatures.

The defense of the “Nomad Cities” is rather different as players can grab the entire city and fly it away to another place when they cannot withstand the creatures’ attacks. However, they must choose carefully between long-term upgrades and disposable buildings that will be left behind when they flee.

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities will be available on July 14 on Steam and will be available at a later date on the Epic Games Store.

Claire de Lune

The main character, John, was separated from his daughter, Claire after their spaceship crashed on a foreign planet. Players will play as John to fix his spaceship and find his missing daughter. The story will lead players to unravel the mysteries behind the crash and Claire’s disappearance.

Claire de Lune will be released on July 13 on Steam followed by the Epic Games Store on a later date.

Ghost Hunters Corp

Ghost Hunters Corp is a horror mystery game inspired by paranormal movies and series. Players will be equipped with ghost detection devices such as the EMF K2 detector, the frequency analyzer, the threat detector, surveillance cameras, and more to exorcise entities including Shadows, Poltergeists, Ghosts, and Demons.

Players can play alone or in a group of four to exorcise powerful ghosts. In addition, players will be able to interact with ghosts via microphone.

Ghost Hunters Corp will be released on Steam on July 17.

You may watch the fan-uploaded trailer of Ghost Hunters Corp here.


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