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[Games Around the Corner] Week 17, 2022 - Shooting Games

3,2,1 - Fire! This week, we're getting two new shooting games: an intense FPS where you have to defeat a zombified Adolf Hitler and a gang-busting explosive co-op shooter.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Developed by Rebellion Developments, Zombie Army 4: Dead War takes place after the events of the Zombie Army trilogy, where Adolf Hitler was defeated by the Resistance and banished to hell. In Dead War, players battle against hordes of zombies who are intelligent enough to use weapons like handguns and SMGs. Zombie Hitler and his army of undead are back so players must battle against him one last time in Rome by destroying the Hell Machine made by Hitler and finally destroying him.

Originally released in 2020, Zombie Army 4: Dead War will arrive on Switch on 26 February.

RICO London

"While everyone is getting ready to party the metropolitan police are working overtime. Detective Inspector Redfern finds herself at the scene of an emerging arms trade at the foot of a high-rise tower. Without the permission of her superiors or the support of backup, Redfern prepares to go kick off the millennium with a bang." the game description reads.

Fight your way to the top of the tower as you face tougher goons the higher you are. Chop and change your arsenal to suit the task at hand. Customize your weapon with upgrades and modify your skills to ascend. You can also get help from a friend either locally or online.

First released in 2021, RICO London will be released on Xbox Series X/S on 28 April.


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