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Galaxy Watch4 Receives Enhanced Health Features and Adorable Sleep Symbol Animals

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic have received a new update with improvements like advanced internal training, a new sleep coaching program, and new body composition insights. There are also new watch faces and straps colors such as burgundy and cream.

The new body composition update provides more health progress insights, powered by Centr, a digital fitness program curated by Chris Hemsworth. Users who just sign up for Centr through Samsung Health will be given a 30-day trial for full and unrestricted access to Centr. The watch can now also measure both blood pressure and electrocardiogram with its advanced BioActive sensor technology and the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Samsung's new advanced internal training feature is specially designed for runners and cyclists as it allows them to pre-set duration, distance, and the number of sets for their workouts, customizing the intensity of their training sessions.

The new sleep coaching program can help users track sleeping patterns over 7 days and complete 2 related sleep surveys. Interestingly, it will assign an adorable animal representing the user's sleep type. It will then guide users through a 4 - 5 week of coaching program, including missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation guidance, and regular reports to help users improve their sleep quality.

New watch straps colors and types are also introduced. There are now new strap colors like burgundy and cream. Users now also have more strap-type options besides the sport band: fabric band and link bracelet. However, these new accessories are currently not available in Malaysia. Since the Galaxy Watch4 series supports the Android ecosystem, both smartwatches will support Google Assistant in the coming months.

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