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Free Fire MAX Launches Globally; Available for Download Now

Free Fire MAX, the enhanced version of the mobile battle royale has officially launched in Malaysia. It is now available for download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

The new game will include an exclusive feature called Craftland, which allows players to create their own maps and invite friends to play with them. Players can customise their own maps with various objects, buildings, structures, and decorations. Players can also like, subscribe, and share maps to show their support for creators. The best maps will be featured in the mode's ranking system.

Free Fire MAX will also offer more realistic maps, adding effects across water bodies, safe zones, and natural surroundings. Besides the custom maps, players will also get a redesigned Clocktower and Factory area in the new Bermuda MAX map.

The new version comes with both visual and audio updates for a more immersive Free Fire experience. Animations of basic movements like running, jumping, and crawling are enhanced for a smoother and more realistic experience. Players can also see special animations when they consume mushrooms and parachute into the map. Other new visual and audio updates include weapons reloading effects, tracer, and bullet holes effects.

Thanks to Firelink, current Free Fire players will be able to log in to Free Fire MAX using their existing accounts, sync all accounts data including account progress and game items, and play all game modes with other players regardless of the apps they are using.

In celebration of the launch, the Free Fire MAX Stream Geng will be hosting a 2-day streamathon from 9am - 12am on 29 & 30 September. Malaysian Survivors who join the live stream will stand a chance to win legendary gun skins like the Flaming Dragon AK47 and the Underground Howl M1014.

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