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Fortnite Ninja Teamed Up With Other Creators to Create Their Own Battle Royale "Project V" in UEFN.

Since Epic Games released UEFN (known as Creative 2.0), the Fortnite player base and map designers have reached a new level of creativity, including the stars of Fortnite, Ninja, SypherPK, NICKMERCS, CouRageJD, and TimTheTatman.

In addition, they have announced the official Twitter account for their new Battle Royale "Project V" which will be released to the public in the next year. According to the Project V official site, it will include "custom weapons, a full-scale map, fluid movement and unique mechanics"

The Project V creators have a position on the development team, and the creators will actively participate in the creative process. Additionally, Oni Studios will launch a Discord channel where followers of the five creators of content can provide ideas and assist in the game's creative development.

As for now, the game is expected to be released in 2024, and registered players will begin getting regular updates via the official Discord server shortly. If you wish to be a part of Project V, you may sign up on their official website.

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