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Forget Boring RGB Gaming Chairs - This One Has RGB AND Vibrates

RGB lighting that syncs to your HP bar? SO 2019.

How about vibrations that sync to your game? Or movie? Or music?

The Arcadeo gaming chair is set to shake up your world (aha) with 10 haptic transducers embedded into the seat and spine of the chair. Its powered by a 16-core multiprocessor that turns multi-channel audio into physical vibration.

Since it reads audio dynamically, you can technically use the gaming chair for more than gaming. You can plug it into your TV via USB-C and you'll soon be feeling gunshots in your back or explosions in your butt.

You can adjust and customise the responses of each haptic point via an app, creating an experience that's truly tailored for you.

Max out the seat vibrations? ;)

Of course, this isn't the first brand to come up with haptic feedback in their gaming chairs - Predator released the Thronos and Thronos Air not long ago.

But packed with much more than just haptics - the Thronos is a full-blown multi-purpose gaming station - they're available at a much, much steeper price point. Priced at $20,000 and $14,000 respectively, we'd say that not many would be able to afford them.

Yes, it has RGB too

On the other hand, the Arcadeo gaming chair is priced at a relatively affordable US$800 (RM3,273). Orders aren't open yet, but you can check out their website in the meantime.


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