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Forever Skies Early Access delayed until Q2 2023, adding new content plus airship customization

A new extended Steam demo was also recently added.

Developer and Publisher Far From Home have delayed the Early Access version of the survival action game <Forever Skies> to the first half of 2023. The game demo will be available for PC via Steam in 2022, followed by the full release across multiple platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC later on.

According to the blog post from the developer, they will be adding in content including the never-before-seen under the dust section for the first time.

"Under the dust is meant to be dangerous, so there are various risk/reward systems we want to put in place here along with notable progression systems. There will also be new mechanics, blueprints, and viruses. Now the groundwork for all this will be in place earlier than we planned."

Besides, extensive airship building and customization are also added for players to customize their own ship as well as other tools to be crafted for gameplay purposes.

If you're interested to try out the game, a new extended Steam demo was recently added to Steam with the team adding various features the players asked for along with an extended 40 minutes timer on the open world exploration section.

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