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Forever Entertainment Teams Up with Square Enix to Release Remakes

Game publisher and developer Forever Entertainment announced that it will develop and release several remakes based on a yet-to-be-revealed Square Enix IP.

As reported by Gematsu, the property in question will be announced during the launch of an international marketing campaign, and the release dates will be announced separately.

Despite the use of the term “remake”, the remakes will keep the same gameplay and “scenario” as the game they are based on while featuring new visuals. It’s unknown if the gameplay for these remakes will remain exactly the same as the originals or be updated to modern standards, but it at least indicates that there won’t be Final Fantasy VII Remake-level changes.

As part of the partnership, Forever Entertainment will reap more than half of the earnings from each copy’s sales regardless of platform.

Forever Entertainment describes itself as a “leading publisher of video games for the Nintendo Switch” and says that the “release of video game remakes constitutes yet another pillar of the Company’s activity”. It plans to focus on releasing remakes of “iconic titles” from the 1990s “in the years to come”.

Forever Entertainment recently announced its plans to release Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei: Remake this year. The remake of the first Panzer Dragoon was released last year.


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