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'Fleets' - Tweets That Vanish After 24 Hours - May Be Coming to Twitter

Ever tweeted an embarrassingly emo Twitter thread at 4am and then regretted it the next day? Twitter is currently testing a new feature called 'Fleets', which are basically the Instastory of Tweets. They automatically erase themselves after 24 hours, and do not allow anyone to repost or link to it.

Had this existed during Twitter's inception in 2006, most of us would probably have been spared the pain of looking back at our angsty and 'deep' teenage tweets and wondering 'WHO THE HELL IS THIS CRINGEY WEIRDO?'

Like Instastories, Fleets are separated from your main feed and are accessible at the top of the screen. Also, they are only viewable by your followers, so you can have some degree of control over who sees your potentially regrettable tweets. This feature might have saved the ass some of the angry netizens ranting over the political situation last week - but whoops, guess it's too late.

Currently, the Fleets feature is only being rolled out in Brazil, with no concrete plans to implement them permanently in all markets yet.


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