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First Europe, Now Malaysia - Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality to Cope with Increased Traffic

Malaysians are taking Netflix and Chill to the next level during the movement control order (MCO). Apart from potentially seeing a high influx of December babies this year, the MCO has also taken a toll on our local internet infrastructure, resulting in Netflix slightly lowering the streaming quality for its High Definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (UHD) subscribers.

This measure will only apply to livestreaming - users who download content to watch offline will not experience a similar dip in quality - and will be effective from March 31 until the end of April.

According to The Star, a Netflix spokesperson said:

We have many different streams for each single title within each resolution. If you are particularly tuned into video quality, you may notice a very slight decrease in quality within each resolution.
We just want to make sure viewers can still get the best of experience and at the same time, be responsible to reduce Internet traffic in Malaysia.

Netflix has not announced any plans to compensate customers or reduce the subscription fee for this month, but assures that the videos will maintain the resolution you paid for, and that you will only notice a 'slight' decrease in picture quality.

Well, if this measure helps the almighty internet stay afloat during these trying times, I'm willing to compromise on quality for a month - I'm not the one paying the subscription anyway :) *cough* shoutout to all my fellow Netflix leeches out there

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