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Final Fantasy XVI Team Promise to Take Down Leaked Image, Video & Streams to Protect Fans Experience

Final Fantasy 16 retail physical copies have leaked online just days before the game's release, breaking the game's planned release date on June 22. In fact, Square Enix had to put out a statement, in which they essentially asked fans that were the first to receive a physical copy of Final Fantasy 16 to keep it to themselves and avoid spoiling the others.

According to Square Enix, they're currently investigating the leaked physical copies of the game and trying to limit "illegitimate acquisitions."

In the end, these unwanted incidents indicate the potential risks that game developers might encounter in this digital era, where physical copies of game leaks become very common. The best the Final Fantasy fans could do now is to log off from social media until June 22 to preserve the best experience of the game and respect the hard work of the development team.


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