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Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Orders Could Go Live at TGA 2022, reportedly Insider Gaming.

Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) will be at least 6-month PlayStation Exclusives

According to Insider Gaming, the <Final Fantasy XVI> pre-orders are to go live on either December 7 or December 8. "Source were unable to give an exact release time of the pre-orders going live, but it’s likely to happen during The Game Awards which takes place on December 8, unless Square Enix or Sony is planning a showcase themselves one day prior."

However, during an interview, Naoki Yoshida, the producer of <Final Fantasy XVI> said that the game would be revealed before the end of the year, where The Game Awards 2022 (TGA2022) would be the most suitable time to unveil the game.

Also, Yoshida mentioned that the development of <Final Fantasy XVI> is "about 95%" complete. Thus, fans shouldn't worry about the delay in the release of the game, unless there are unexpected changes happen (touch wood).


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