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Fancy Having a 14,000-PPI Display On Your Eyeball? These 'Smart' Contact Lens Might Be Up Your Alley

Hope you're not icky about sticking your fingers into your eyes, cause the future might be sitting on your cornea.

A startup called Mojo Vision claims to have built the 'world's first true smart contact lens' with an embedded display that will hug your eyeballs. Their aim is to bring augmented reality experiences to life - imagine a futuristic world where you can check your email, scroll your calendar, control music playback and more, just by moving your eyes.

What's more, the 14,000 pixels-per-inch display is concentrated on a mere ink-sized dot on the centre of the lens. Now that's technology.

Image credit: Julian Chokkattu

However, they won't be coming any time soon - Mojo's lenses are still deep in the research and development process. Currently, they're already an intricate piece of gadgetry, with custom wireless radios and range of display and image sensors built-in at precise sizes to help you track your eye movement, assist in image stabilisation, and more, but improvements are still being made.

The guys at Wired revealed that the lens receives power via a wearable on your wrist, which also handles much of the computing. This might eventually be replaced by a smartphone-based solution.

But how does it work?

Menus and apps are controlled by the movements of your eyes. If you're staring head-on, there'll be nothing obscuring your vision; peek into the corner in any direction and it'll pull up a menu of icons - stare at the arrows next to any of them and it will expand the icon to reveal more details.

The world literally at your fingertips

There's even a built-in app called Speech, which is basically a teleprompter that sits on your eyeballs. Imagine giving a speech or filming a video without having to look down to refer to your notes, because everything is right in front of you. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is.

Well, let's hope that these come out some time before the world implodes from climate change or gets nuked to smithereens in World War III, because I'd really like a chance to experience the future as seen in video games before I die.


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