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Fall Guys Goes Free-to-Play! Leaving Steam to Epic Games Store!

Fall Guys going free-to-play this June. New 100 level season pass begins as well.

Mediatonic announced on a Monday night live stream that the streamers' favorite game, Fall Guys, will be going free-to-play starting June 21st.

Highly requested cross platform play and cross progression to be added.

On top of that, the Xbox and Switch versions will also be launched on that day as well. The game has been exclusively on PC and PlayStation platforms until now.

Players who bought the game previously will be getting some exclusive rewards.

Other additional info such as a new 100-level season pass, Legacy pack with cosmetics for those who bought the game previously and full cross-platform play and cross-progression on all platforms.

Rocket League, another game that left Steam to Epic Games Store after their developer was acquired by Epic.

The game however, will be leaving the Steam store on that day and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. This is a similar trajectory to Rocket League as both developers were acquired by Epic and their games are now free-to-play and exclusive to their platform.


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