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Facebook Introduces Group Experts

Today, Facebook Groups rolls out a new feature called “Group Experts”, which allows admins to designate knowledgeable members of the group’s topic as group experts.

A group admin can invite a member to be the group’s expert. Group experts will receive a badge next to their username similar to the way admins are given their badges. The “Group Expert” badge will show up on posts, comments, and in the Q&A feature.

Though Group Experts receive their own badges, they do not have extra access to group control features or higher visibility within the group. Rather, they are recognized as members who have helpful insights to share with the other members. However, the experts are able to host Q&A sessions and open live audio rooms within the group.

In addition, Facebook is testing features that will allow admins to find experts for their group more easily. The test, starting with groups related to fitness and gaming, will allow individuals to identify themselves as experts in a particular topic. Admins can invite these users into their group if they were not prior members. The new experts will be able to invite followers who have recently interacted with their main page to join the group too.

Group admins are allowed to revoke the expert’s status. If an unworthy expert is nominated by a group and posts misinformation, admins can choose to remove the expert’s status.


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