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F1 2021 Announced with Trailer, Releases July 16

F1 2021, the next entry in the F1 racing series, has been announced with a cinematic trailer and a July 16 release date.

The game will feature a new story mode called Braking Point, which sees the player making their way up the ranks of Formula 2 and experience “the lifestyle both on and off the track”. In addition, F1 2019’s Devon Butler is making a return.

While further details on Braking Point and Butler will only be revealed in the weeks ahead, it was announced that there will be a two-player career mode with players being able to either play co-operatively or competitively. The game will also introduce Real-Season Start that “lets you jump into this season's action, reflecting the live standings, and then you can take over and drive the remaining races.”

Returning features include My Team, two-player split-screen, shorter seasons, accessible options, and F2, while features like multiplayer, scalable assist options, and driver stats are being tweaked and expanded.

F1 2021 will release on Ps4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam, with support for Xbox Smart Delivery and PlayStation’s free upgrade. Pre-orders are already available, with pre-orders for the Deluxe Edition providing seven soon-to-be-revealed “classic” F1 drivers for My Team.


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